On 25 October, Sword CTSpace, a global provider of document management and collaboration workflow applications for the construction and engineering industries, was selected as one of three Best of Showcase finalists at the IBM Information On Demand 2010 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. The other finalist was Thunderhead, a fast-growing CRM software company. JCB Partners, a performance management consulting firm and frequent IBM award winner, took home the top prize.

The IBM IOD Best of Showcase category recognises those IBM business partners that have adopted and leveraged the latest information management technology to demonstrate a unique and powerful information on-demand solution. Thousands of IBM business partners were eligible for the award.

“Sword CTSpace wishes to thank IBM for our award and to congratulate fellow finalists. Congratulations to the whole Sword CTSpace team on their efforts being recognised with this award. We will continue our focus on delivering innovative and creative solutions for our customers and our plan is to offer even stronger offerings and services next year,” stated James Berry, VP Sword CTSpace Americas.

Sword CTSpace’s IBM-connected offering is FusionEnterprise for IBM FileNet P8, an extension to IBM’s content management system that allows FileNet P8 to be used effectively and compliantly on engineering projects. FusionEnterprise for IBM FileNet P8 adds essential engineering document management features to the FileNet P8 repository such as CAD support and a full audit trail. Current users include AMEC, KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company), Powell, PHI Pepco, Duke Energy, SAMIR and Universal Pegasus.

Top Sword CTSpace representatives including VP Sword CTSpace Americas James Berry, global products director Tim Fleet, director pre-sales support Ian Soler, and US sales director (Western region) Monique Egan attended the conference, a much-lauded annual exhibition of IBM business-optimisation products. Afterwards, the Sword CTSpace reps were unanimous in declaring the event to be a ringing success for the company, having furthered their already close ties with IBM customers and employees by demonstrating the quality of their solutions to a great many attendees.

“The IOD conference was, as usual, a well-run and highly informative conference and was very productive for our organisation. We received lots of positive feedback that our solutions are meeting the needs of market place and our decision to work closely with IBM has been a good one. We had many informative and useful discussions with existing customers, business partners and potential new clients and we hope to see even more people visit our booth at next year’s IOD conference,” concluded James Berry.