Justrite Safety Group Ground and Vehicle-Based Safety Products that Protect People and Assets on Power Sites

Justrite is a portfolio company of Justrite Safety Group.

Since 1906, Justrite has been recognised as an industry leader in the safe management of flammable liquids and other hazardous materials. Today, our products include safety cabinets and large outdoor storage buildings, safety vessels and containers for laboratory and industrial applications, spill containment, secondary spill containment, safety showers and eye / face washes, gas cylinder handling equipment and a range of custom-engineered solutions.

About Justrite Safety Group

Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of industrial safety companies. Together, we protect workers, workplaces and the environment with a comprehensive range of industrial safety solutions. All Justrite Safety Group portfolio companies are united by deep safety knowledge, long experience and a commitment to protecting people, property and the planet.

Checkers™ manufactures reliable vehicle and motion safety products, cable management systems and ground protection mats to save people’s lives and protect company assets.

The power industry has been a long-term partner and focus of Checkers Safety Group. The company is a US-based safety products manufacturer that ensures every product is of a high-quality and excellent value. Many of our products are site-tested, while wheel chocks are Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) compliant.

Vehicle and motion safety products for the power industry

Checkers develops vehicular and pedestrian safety products for motion-related activities.

We offer a wide variety of products, including wheel chocks, warning whips, barricade lights, composite cribbing, industrial beacons and strobes, parking lot safety solutions and vehicle identification signage.

Solutions are produced with high-quality materials and efficient methods, which has enabled us to create one of the most reliable safety solutions in the industry.

The company’s wheel chocks are known worldwide and are essential at every power facility to enable efficient positioning while ensuring the safety of personnel and vehicles.

Warning whips and signals are long-lasting and offer high visibility levels.

Our parking lot safety solutions, which include parking curbs and speed bumps, are designed with durable, high-performance rubber to ensure a high return on investment.

Cable management systems for mining and power applications

Checkers manufactures cable management systems and ramps, as well as hose bridges to prevent damage in a multitude of industries. They also protect pedestrians and vehicles from cable exposure.

Cable protectors are made with durable polyurethane, which is both stronger and lighter than similar rubber or metal products. This portability makes setting up cable protectors simple, while the durability gives the products a much longer lifespan.

Checkers offers solutions for heavy-duty mining and power applications, as well as indoor office environments. While many models feature hinged lids, drop-over, open-top and low-profile models are also available, ensuring Checkers has a solution for every type of cable and application.

Ground protection mats for heavy and light duty equipment

Checkers ground protection mats are manufactured from composite material, making them a cost-effective alternative to wooden products.

Checkers provides a ground protection solution for any application in the mining, oil and gas, heavy construction, transmission and landscaping industries. The brand’s solutions include durable mats capable of supporting cranes and other heavy equipment, as well as light-duty access mats for trucks and construction equipment.

Checkers mats keep both personnel and vehicles moving with traction patterns designed to optimise grip and safety in rugged terrain projects.

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Press Release

JustRite Launches Clean & Disinfect PPE Station with Stand

Justrite has introduced a Clean & Disinfect PPE Station with Stand.

White Papers

Wheel Chocks: Urethane vs Rubber

Checkers began developing and testing urethane chocks in the late-1980s with a significant investment requiring extensive engineering and design.

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