TECSYSTEM new system

The new system TPL503 + NT210 K represents the innovation for the protection of hermetic oil-filled transformers.

Your hermetic oil-filled transformer will never be alone. Innovation, easy installation, solid and ‘transparent’: what yesterday was not possible, is now available.

The classic electromechanical control devices are being replaced by electronic sensor TPL503, installed directly on the transformer, able to monitor the oil TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE and LEVEL.

The innovative sensor TPL503 is connected to the machine by an integrated flange (see product picture). The sensor data are transmitted via an RS485 serial connection to the unit NT210 K, which can be directly installed on the control panel.

This allows the remote control of all measures and indications, such as ALARM, TRIP, FAN/PUMP.

The transparent body of the sensor allows to see the oil level at 360° by the operator or for who need to stock transformers with oil in tank.

System reliability is ensured by a complete self-test circuit, able to manage and report any anomalies of the sensor and control unit.