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nHance Technologies supplies custom and generic power plant simulators and simulation software to the power industry.

Simulation software and tools for the power sector

The primary dynamic simulation software from nHance is the Modular Modeling System (MMS™). MMS™ is a software system consisting of pre-engineered modules that can be interconnected to create a power plant simulator for a vast majority of thermal-hydraulic systems for engineering analyses, operator training, and control system studies. MMS has been proven to be a vital engineering tool, with over 30 years of success in the power industry.

The MMS simulation tools package is a range of applications designed to work together to transition a dynamic model from engineering analysis to an operator-training simulator. MMS™ Simulation Tools work with a process model making it possible to run a simulator on one computer or on a network of computers to create a complete replica of a power plant control room.

Distributed control system emulation

The nHance software solutions include human machine interface (HMI) emulations, distributed control system (DCS) and programmable logic controller (PLC) simulation. In most cases, the HMI and control systems emulations are generated automatically by a wide range of DCS Translators, such as ABB Advant to Fortran (for control system) or Bailey to Visual Basic for the HMI.

Additional DCS translators include Bailey Net90, Honeywell TDC3000, Honeywell GUS, Honeywell Experion, Fisher Provox, and WDPF classic to name a few. nHance Technologies also offers its own HMI solution in the form the HMI Tool Kit, which enables users to generate their own HMI screens to control their MMS based simulations.

Virtual DCS Emulation

nHance Technologies developed a virtual control system package for the Woodward DCS. NetSim has matured significantly since its first release in 1996, but nHance continue to work with Woodward to sell, support, enhance, and maintain NetSim, and have used NetSim to upgrade several operator-training simulators.

Generic power plant and site specific training simulators

nHance works with power plant personnel worldwide to understand each customer’s needs making it possible to deliver site-specific simulators tailored to each clients budget and unique requirements. The resulting high-fidelity training simulator is designed to match each sites response in a realistic manner allowing for operation training on normal operating procedures as well as emergency operating procedures.

For customers with limited training budget, nHance has developed PlantSim™, a series of generic operator-training simulators. PlantSim options include choosing a pre-built generic simulator or a custom generic simulator with hard-panel emulations developed to match a site-specific control room.

PlantSim models include full scope coal, oil, natural gas and combined cycle power plants. Typically generic training simulators do not allow for complete plant specific operations training, they are suitable for training on a subset of plant operating procedures, and demonstrating common power plant fundamentals.

Power plant related mobile applications

nHance’s mobile solutions include ‘Power Plant Fundamentals’ a 14 volume interactive eBook series about the theory of power plant operations. Mobile applications include nPlantStatus for live power plant status updates, SyncGen, a realistic simulation of a Synchroscope, and nH20, which is a free water and steam property calculator. Search for nHance Technologies in the Apple’s App Store, or iBookstore for the latest products.

About nHance

nHance Technologies is not just a simulation software vendor, it is a partner in simulation. The company recognizes that in order to be successful, it needs to ensure customers are successful in all their simulation endeavors. nHance Technologies continues to partner with customers and their vendors to provide the most cost effective solutions for the customers’ simulation needs.

nHance started in 2001 as a divestiture of the simulation services business unit from a major US nuclear power vendor. nHance is a pioneer in dynamic simulation of power plants and simulation based engineering analysis. Modular Modeling System MMS™, first released in 1984, paved the way for dynamic simulation worldwide and is used by hundreds of power plants and engineering facilities in over 18 countries.

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Press Release

Remote Real-Time Plant Monitoring Service

There is an increasing demand within the power industry to remotely monitor operating parameters in power stations.

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Press Release

1 February 2017

There is an increasing demand within the power industry to remotely monitor operating parameters in power stations.

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13 September 2016

nHance Technologies has published Power Plant Fundamentals: Fuels and Combustion (ISBN: 978-1-940143-08-8) an interactive electronic book designed for Apple's iPad Devices.

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nHance Technologies is announcing the delivery of the TCWS (Tokamak Cooling Water System) simulator for US-ITER.

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13 July 2016

nHance Technologies is proud to announce the release of MMS 7.2 with exciting new features to assist the development and deployment of dynamic simulations.

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4 May 2016

nHance Technologies is announcing the delivery of an engineering process and control simulation of a gas compressor refilling station for the purpose of system design optimisation and control logic evaluation.

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nHance Technologies Inc.

122 Cornerstone Street

Lynchburg, VA


United States of America

434 582 6110 434 582 6112 www.nhancetech.com

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