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Industrial Dampers

Esscano's Butterfly Dampers, Louvre Dampers, Diverter Dampers and Guillotine Dampers are typically used for isolation or the control of flue gases.

They are all characterised by their low leakage rates, achieving bench mark sealing efficiency. The dampers are primarily used in waste heat recovery applications such as WHRU, HRSG, filter applications, industrial boiler applications, utility boiler applications and for offshore / onshore petrochemical applications.

All Esscano Dampers are designed with a unique shaft-seal system, ensuring gas tightness to ambient surroundings and therefore making them maintenance free.

The graphite shaft-seal system will be subjected to continuous temperatures of up to 930°C and is standard issue on all dampers, regardless of the application.

Damper design and the choice of material of the damper casing, damper blade and shaft, is based on customer process data and the type of application, to ensure optimal performance.

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