The DEWE-5000, with built-in display, stores hundreds of signals gap-free on hard disk, with up to 100MB/s.

Sampling rates of up to 10MS/s provide accurate information about the test object. With synchronously recorded measurement data, online analyses are easily possible and valuable development time is saved.

At the test-bench, the DEWE-5000 performs detailed analysis at the power inverters, the motors and the whole power train.

For inverter measurement, a detailed analysis of the PWM generation is done and therefore highest sampling rates, high bandwidth and highest accuracy for the whole measurement chain are necessary.

Power measurement at multiple points (three-phase star and delta, two-phase, one-phase and DC) and also with different frequencies (variable, 50Hz, 60Hz, 16,7Hz, 400Hz and 800Hz) can be performed.

Additional measurement channels for mechanical parameters (torque, speed, etc.) and ambient parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.) can be set. All channels are measured completely synchronous (with up to 10MS/s sampling rate).

Further features include the online efficiency determination of the inverter and a number of further calculations via the math-library and the power plug in. For detailed analysis the software provides a comprehensive post-processing function.