The R Series Silencer is for endothermic engines exhaust gas pipes, intake and exhaust pipes of piston air compressors or roots vacuum pumps, and others.

The noise propagating along the pipe is channelled into the silencer. After having crossed the reactive section, where special multiple-chamber resonators cancel the low frequency impulsive tones, the gas flow enters the dissipative section, which, thanks to special sound-absorbing elements, deadens the medium-high frequencies.


  • Shell: Carbon steel Fe 430B
  • Reactive section: Carbon steel Fe 360B
  • Dissipative section: Bored elements in carbon steel Fe360B filled with rot-proof and non-flammable viscous materials at differentiated density
  • Finish: 60 micron anti-rust coating for temperatures up to 100°C
  • Flange and counterflange: Not included