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Fabric Expansion Joints

Keld Ellentoft India (KELD) develops, designs, markets and installs high-quality fabric expansion joints, and supplies them to the power industry (coal / gas / oil-fired / diesel generators / offshore installation), as well as to core sectors, including cement, steel, refinery, fertiliser.

In 2010, KELD started to design and manufacture dampers in India through a technical collaboration with a Canadian company. Since then, KELD has taken on the technology and trained personnel in design, manufacturing, quality control and other services.

KELD has offices and representation in India, Brazil, Canada, Chile Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

Butterfly dampers for airflow modulation

The range of Butterfly Dampers designed and manufactured by KELD is mostly used for airflow isolation but can also be used for airflow modulation when low control precision is required.

Butterfly Dampers are available in rectangular or circular and in sizes from 4in to more than 144in. The equipment is tailor-made and designed to efficiently support the service pressure and temperature specified by each customer. Material is selected according to the application to ensure the highest resistance to chemical and/or abrasive attack from gases and particles present in the system.

Louver damper for modulating applications

A Louver Damper is recommended for modulating applications that do not require a high rate of sealing. However, variations of this system can provide a total sealing of 100% when necessary.

The blades' aerodynamic profile considerably reduces pressure loss in the system. Blades of this type of damper overlap each other and the ends are in contact with the frame seat, reducing leaks to a minimum when the damper is closed. As with butterfly dampers, the blades are either welded or bolted depending on the application.

Guillotine damper to isolate combustion gases

The Guillotine Dampers designed and manufactured by KELD are usually used to isolate combustion gases. As for the other types of dampers, they can be designed for mounting on a rectangular or circular duct, with Metallic or K-flex seals, a solid or hollow core blade and electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual actuation. Several different sealing standards are available.

Standard models provide sealing efficiency of between 98% and 99.9%. For applications requiring perfect sealing, the use of an air barrier is also available as an option.

Diverter Dampers for gas turbines

The use of a Diverter Damper reduces the number of components in a system. For example, a diverter damper can replace a Y transition and two Butterfly dampers. These are typically used in gas turbine installations.

Slide Gate Damper to control raw material low in material transport systems

KELD manufactures Slide Gate Dampers that are mainly used to control the flow of raw material in dry material transport systems. Each application is carefully studied to determine the size and the type of material to be used during manufacturing. The diversity of available options makes it possible to offer dampers that can be adapted to a wide range of materials (abrasion, corrosion, heat and shocks) and fitted for different degrees of sealing.

Customised Dampers for specific power applications

KELD's innovative team is attentive to the specific requirements of its customers. The engineering team is available to work with its customers to develop a product that will satisfy their particular needs. Two examples of dampers developed for specific customer needs are the Rotary Sliding Gate Damper to fulfill the same functions as a standard sliding gate damper but is much smaller in size and Articulated Action Damper to provide exceptional sealing without using an air barrier & to resist higher service pressure.

Fabric expansion joints to withstand high temperatures

KELD has a wide variety of fabric combinations ranging from single layer expansion joints to multi-layer expansion joints capable of withstanding temperature up to 1,200°C. Suitable combinations can also be provided to take care of internal and external corrosive atmosphere.

KELD also offers expansion joints for special applications such as:

  • Coal mill bellows
  • Loop seal bellows
  • Chimney seal bellows
  • Metallic expansion joint repair bellows

KELD's expansion joints are designed to be virtually maintenance-free and only require correct installation and supervision in order to operate effectively. All tests are carried out in KELD's fully equipped in-house laboratory, and include tests such as flexibility and permeability of the fabric materials.

Here are a few reasons to choose KELD as your industry partner:

  • KELD's reliable and high-quality fabric expansion joints have advantages in both technical and commercial operations
  • More than 25 years' experience with expansion joints and 15 years of consolidated experience with industrial dampers catering to engineering plants
  • Quality, customer relationships and a commitment to development and growth are our priorities
  • Extensive references of expansion joint and damper applications
  • A wide network of marketing partners globally to provide prompt customer service
  • Punctual delivery and fast, effective assistance to customers
  • Fully equipped in-house laboratory testing facility
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified company since 2001
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 70,000ft² covered area and 100,000ft² open area

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