Jeffrey Rader Corporation

Design and Manufacturer of Materials Handling Equipment and Systems

Jeffrey Rader Corporation designs and manufactures equipment and systems to mechanically unload, move, lift and handle materials. It serves industries such as energy generation, forest products, petrochemicals, resource recovery, pulp and paper, cement, as well as recycling.

Truck dumpers, ash handling equipment, conveyors, bucket elevators, delumpers and chutes may be incorporated as individual pieces of equipment or multiple pieces in series to meet a required specification.

Design and manufacturing of power industry equipment and systems

Jeffrey Rader Corporation has a long history of quality industrial equipment and customer satisfaction. The firm has more than 150 years of technical experience in the design, engineering, application and manufacturing of industrial equipment and systems.

The corporation offers six primary areas of equipment:

  • Screening and processing
  • Size reduction
  • Material handling
  • Storage and reclaim
  • Pneumatics
  • Vibratory feeding

Screening and processing equipment for the power industry

The company pioneered the first chip-thickness screening and processing technology in the mid-1970s and revolutionized chip preparation. Today, Jeffrey Rader screening and processing equipment and systems are used for bark, construction and demolition waste, refuse derived fuel (RDF) and other materials that must be fractioned, separated and cleaned of rocks, metal and sand.

Size reduction equipment for the power sector

Jeffrey Rader's size reduction equipment consists of crushers, hammer-mills, shredders, wood hogs, re-chippers and the razorback hammer-mill. The company's machines efficiently reduce the size of friable material such as wood, coal, limestone, metal turnings, waste materials and others to a specified size using vertical or horizontal configurations.

Every Jeffrey Rader size reduction machine is designed with heavy plate steel, abrasion-resistant liners, extra-heavy-duty rotor and a metal trap to withstand the punishing environment this equipment operates in every day.

Complete material handling systems for power applications

Material handling is a Jeffrey Rader specialty, including truck dumpers, screw conveyors, drag chains and belt conveyors. Jeffrey Rader can assemble any of these individual pieces with other equipment to make complete ash handling and chip handling, boiler feed and truck / rail / ship unloading systems.

Jeffrey Rader designs and assembles complete material handling systems to meet your product specifications. These systems include boiler feed, resource recovery, recycling, rail loading and unloading, as well as truck loading and unloading.

Storage and reclaim services for the power sector

Jeffrey Rader manufactures the equipment and designs the systems you need to stack-out, store, and reclaim your wood chips, bark, hog fuel, biomass and RDF products.

Jeffrey Rader storage solutions include:

  • Open pile
  • Bins
  • Day bins
  • Metering bins
  • A-frames
  • Silos

In addition, the company also offers complete reclaim systems, such as traveling linear screws, circular screws, stokers and cone bottom screw reclaimers.

Whether it is open or closed storage, circular or linear, Jeffrey Rader has the solution. Whatever the number of days for storage you require, or the type of plant you are feeding, Jeffrey Rader's storage and reclaim systems are designed to keep the facility running with a constant flow of materials.

High-pressure pneumatic conveying systems

The original Rader Company was founded on pneumatics, and today the firm is considered to be one of the leading authorities on high-pressure pneumatic conveying system design and application. With more than 50 years of experience and 10,000 installations in pulp and paper mills around the world, Jeffrey Rader has the application knowledge to design and build your pneumatic conveying systems.

Jeffrey Rader's pneumatic conveying equipment includes rotary airlock feeders, mark III elbow, model E cyclone, blowers and pneumatic conveying components such as valves, tee injectors, diverter valves, target boxes, deflectors and silencers.

The company's pneumatic conveying systems include high- and low-pressure systems, fuel feed, digester charging, vacuum conveying and dust control.

Low-maintenance vibratory feeding equipment

Jeffrey Rader vibratory feeders can process 1,800 total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH). With their unique low-maintenance design and positive drive components, Jeffrey Rader vibrating feeders provide a reliable and quiet operation, while reducing energy cost. The company's vibratory feeders are used worldwide and can be found in mining and quarry operations, as well as aggregate, chemical and industrial processes.

Jeffrey Rader Corporation's headquarters is in Woodruff, South Carolina, US. Offices are also located in Stockholm, Sweden; Quebec and British Columbia in Canada, as well as a sales support office in Beijing, China.

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