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Tranter Launches Heat Transfer Forum

Tranter has launched a new Heat Transfer Forum on their official website.

The forum offers people involved in heat transfer solutions a platform with useful information where they can seek help and support, as well as ask questions with an expected reply within one business day. By joining, professionals and engineers can find the answers they need for specific questions.

Tranter Europe vice-president Torbjörn Lantz said: "The heat transfer market is a very complex field and we believe that people out there have a lot of questions.

"Our mission is to be the leader in heat transfer markets and we strive to perceive our customers’ needs and provide the best total value. After 80 years within the heat transfer business, we have gathered a broad expertise and we want to take this opportunity to share our competence and knowledge worldwide."

Beta testing for the site was completed with feedback that was used to finalise the forum layout and settings to deliver a high user experience.

Tranter’s Heat Transfer Forum is monitored and secure, and the registration is free. You are welcome to sign up and join the forum by clicking here.

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