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Contract for 258 Expansion Joints for District Heating Applications Awarded to KE-Burgmann Poland

The district heating company in the city of Warsaw is one of the biggest users of Bredan metal expansion joints in Europe. In district heating chambers and preinsulated pipes there are approxi-mately 1000 expansion joints installed - all of them manufactured by KE-Burgmann Bredan and delivered within the last 12 years.

Every year, SPEC Warsaw replaces about 40 pcs. of expansion joints which are located in the district heating chambers. The tender in 2005 covered the total demand for two years, as well as modernizations of pipelines sponsored by the EU. SPEC Warsaw expected to buy 258 pcs. of district heating expansion joints for chambers (special design), all joints for PN 16. Diameters ND 300 - ND 1100 mm (12"-43").

As the tender was announced officially and was handled according to state rules, all bids were open to the public - as always. The only way to win the contract was to beat the competition on the technical solution and competence, and also to make the quotation as profitable for SPEC as pos-sible. KE-Burgmann Poland’s engineers had done all of the EJMA calculations from the very beginning, and therefore started talks with the engineers, who were responsible for the technical issues. When the negotiations focused on the level of modules and factors responsible for cycle life of the bellows, KE-Burgmann Poland also offered a special service to SPEC Warsaw. We proposed a set of specific seminars for all the maintenance groups within our quotation, and wrote a special technical handbook for district heating expansion joints in the pipeline system in Warsaw. Our offer included an additional 12 hour delivery service for expansion joints in DN 500-1000 (19"-39").

KE-Burgmann Poland finally won this huge contract, and we were able to convince the customer that our company is definitely the most competent in Poland regarding metal expansion joints.

For further information on this order, please contact KE-Burgmann Poland S.p. z.o.o

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