FLUACHEM(r) Expansion Joints as Chimney Seals in Fibre-Glass Core

EagleBurgmann Czech s.r.o, KE-Burgmann’s partner in the Czech Republic, has recently completed a very specialised assembly job, which required the fitting of FLUACHEM(r) FKM expansion joints in a chimney, transporting very aggressive vapours from the production of viscose fibres, at the chemical plant of Glanzstoff Lovosice in the Czech Republic.

The chimney – 80m high – is made from a reinforced concrete base with 10 pcs of fibre glass laminate insets with a diameter of 6m. EagleBurgmann Czech had the task of supplying all the expansion joints for this chimney, 10 pcs. in all, including sealing the steel flanges to the fibre glass laminate insets, and sealing the expansion joints between insets.

Operating conditions were complex: -50 mm compression, +20 mm extension, and ±20 mm lateral movemements, and operating temperature up to 100°C.

The assembly job took 6 days and partly nights also.

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