Schenck Process, based in Doncaster, UK, is launching a new portfolio of industrial air filtration products that have been designed specifically for UK and European technical and process requirements.

Based on the MAC brand of dust collectors, which has been successfully cleaning the air in the USA for over 40 years, the extensive range includes bag and cartridge filtration products suitable for a large range of air flows and applications.

The new range has been designed to offer the customer unrivalled flexibility. Access into the filters for media changing can be via the top or the side, to suit process or site requirements and most of the products within the range are available in a choice of four formats: clean air plenum only; clean air plenum and filter body; clean air plenum, filter body and bottom hopper; and clean air plenum, filter body and bottom product receiver hopper for conveying applications.

As the cost of energy continues to increase, plant managers are continually looking for ways to reduce power consumption. Within the Schenck Process filter portfolio is the unique MCF ‘Powersaver’, a filter that can save up to 50% of operational costs by using medium pressure air at only 0.5 bar for the cleaning cycle. The air is provided by its own blower, therefore no plant compressed air is used, potentially freeing up the expensive to produce air for other applications.

The key to specifying the correct type and size of filter for a particular application is experience. Schenck Process, utilising the combined knowledge of group members MAC Process in the USA and Clyde Process in the UK, can call upon over 40 years of test work which has provided detailed sizing information for over 600 dusts. Furthermore, if data for a particular dust is not listed, then Schenck Process can test it in their state of the art Filtration Test Centre.

Schenck Process has considerable experience of controlling dust in process areas which reduces the potential risk of explosion. When handling explosive dusts the new range of filters is ATEX compliant and can be fitted with a variety of explosion prevention technologies such as explosion venting, flameless venting or suppression, to suit specific site or material requirements.

The new range of Schenck Process industrial air filtration products augments the already impressive package of technologies and solutions that the Company can offer for bulk materials handling systems. The filters can be installed as stand-alone products or for example in combination with other pneumatic conveying components as part of a turnkey service offered by the company.