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Kraftanlagen Heidelberg to Supply European Commission Joint Research Centre with Waste Cementation Plant

Kraftanlagen Heidelberg (KAH) has been contracted by a European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC) to source, fix, assess, and system check a waste cementation plant for the inertisation of radioactive waste in Ispra, Italy.

The European research centre in Ispra, Lake Maggiore, is a major research facility with origins in nuclear research dating back over 50 years. Today the centre, which is the third largest establishment of its kind after Brussels and Luxembourg, is primarily active in the non-nuclear field.

In line with the denuclearisation of the JRC in Ispra, the nuclear facilities and systems are currently being decommissioned. In the course of this process, existing operational waste and radioactive waste created during dismantling require conditioning in order to ensure safe intermediary and final storage.

In a pan-European procurement procedure, KAH won the contract to construct the facility for the final storage conditioning of radioactive waste at the JRC in Ispra, achieving a further milestone in the supply of waste treatment facilities using Kraftanlagen Group nuclear technology.

KAH’s scope of supply and performance encompasses production planning, supply, and system check out of a grouting station, including the requisite transport and auxiliary systems, for the fixation and inertisation of radioactive materials in final storage containers provided by the customer.

Our partner STEAG Energy Services will supply and install the commensurately suitable ventilation system. Together with auxiliary and secondary systems as well as all electronic and control technology, KAH will construct, test, and commission the facility in a building prepared by the customer.

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