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Kraftanlagen München Obtains ASME Nuclear Certification as System Supplier

Certifying KAM according to Section III of its Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC) for the construction of nuclear facility components, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) acknowledged that KAM is able to operate worldwide in the highest code classes within the nuclear industry.

In April, an international team of ASME auditors and authorised nuclear inspectors conducted a five-day survey not only to verify the establishment of a quality management system according to the ASME BPVC Code, but also to review its implementation in a simulated demonstration project, and among the involved departments, such as purchasing, project processing, prefabrication, measuring and test equipment management.

KAM general manager Alexander Gremm said: "As part of an increased international orientation of Kraftanlagen München, we decided to undergo this elaborate qualification process to be prepared for new challenges in the nuclear sector. Nuclear technology including maintenance, new construction and dismantling is an important part of our portfolio."

The ASME BPVC and its Section III for the construction of nuclear facility components is a recognised standard in more than 100 countries worldwide and is often incorporated in national laws and regulations, especially in Asia, Europe and the Arabic region.

International consortia are increasingly handling the construction of new facilities or upgrades of existing ones according to the ASME BPVC. With this newly acquired qualification, KAM is now able to carry out projects that require project management in accordance with the ASME BPVC.

The scope of the certification authorises KAM as a system supplier to prefabricate supports and pipelines and perform the assembly and final installation of components on site. KAM is also certified to manufacture and deliver nuclear-classified material, including the qualification of unqualified source material into nuclear classified material whenever required. KAM is able to provide its services for all code classes worldwide.

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