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2d claddingThe original epoxy plastocor® Cladding System is a thick film coating used for long-term protection of new tube sheets against galvanic corrosion and erosion, and for the repair of corroded tube sheets.

Applying our original epoxy plastocor® Cladding System guarantees protection from day one of new tube sheets in the cooling water cycle from common corrosion and erosion problems. Successfully applied in thousands of power plants worldwide our expert solution repairs damaged tube sheets, restoring them to near new condition.

Applied via a thick film coating that provides long-term protection of new tube sheets against galvanic corrosion/erosion and repairs corroded tube sheets, plastocor® Cladding is compatible with almost all metal types of tube sheets. The system completely covers the tube sheet and encapsulates the tube ends into a 100% solids epoxy cladding of 3mm-5mm thickness. In severe cases, it can be applied at a thickness of several centimetres. The risk of leakages is dramatically reduced as the cladding generates leak-tight protection of the tube-to-tube-sheet joint.

plastocor® Cladding System extends the lifespan of equipment for more than 25 years and provides enormous savings in operational budgets for plant operators due to less demand for new equipment. As all plastocor® materials are VOC free, 100% solid and solvent-free applying our products results in corresponding ecological benefits such as lower environmental impact.

plastocor® Cladding is completely compatible with the plastocor® Inlet System for tube ends and plastocor® Tube Lining System for full-length tube protection, as well as plastocor® high-performance coatings for water boxes and other cooling water cycle equipment, making it the ultimate protective system for the entire condenser.

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