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MEX maintenance experts

MEX provides computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) software that can track assets and monitor maintenance schedules in power plants.

Modules for preventative maintenance and measuring performance of power assets

MEX offers a variety of modules, including asset register, requests, work order, preventative maintenance, inspections and history, statutory reporting, readings, invoices, inventory, purchasing and security. MEX is also available on the go with our iOS supported platform.

The asset register is where you record your assets and monitors their performance, as well as set reminders for when maintenance is due to be performed. The preventative maintenance (PM) module allows you to keep track of any repetitive maintenance tasks that need to be completed to ensure your equipment is running optimally at all times.

Frequencies can be set using either a time or usage method, depending on the asset you are tracking. Once this has been set up, the PM module will automatically create a work order for your asset from your defined schedule when it is due to be completed.

The security module allows your administrator to tailor your MEX system according to the needs of your users. The readings module allows you to keep track of all your readings. You can even link it to SCADA or most other recording systems.

Software to prevent failures at power plants

The main reasons, we have found, that a company would search for a maintenance management system are:

  1. Plant failure
  2. Reactive maintenance
  3. Statutory reporting
  4. Outgrown their previous system
  5. Limited access from the field
  6. Current system is not user-friendly
  7. They need a flexible asset register
  8. Deployment issues
  9. Unable to be customised

We offer solutions for all of these features plus many more. MEX can be customised to suit your company's needs, and also has an iOS app that allows your contractors and employees working in the field to access the system as well.

Training courses for maintenance and asset monitoring systems

MEX is a simple product to implement and has a low training overhead. As an example, you could attend a two day introduction to MEX course and a one day advanced course and be able to use MEX sufficiently. This means that companies can have MEX installed, key staff trained, their system setup in a very short time frame and achieving ROI while other providers are still working out their implementation strategy.

If you are looking for a more specialised training course, MEX also offer courses focussing on Report Writing or their Stores module. Alternatively, MEX can arrange either private training for up to 10 staff or on-site consulting to better satisfy your needs.

Data Hosting for power generation faclilities

MEX also offer a data hosting service to our customers, meaning we would host your database and send you a link to access it. There are many benefits to having your data hosted by us including a guaranteed reliability with uptime of more than 99%, daily backups that are done for you, removing the cost of hardware or software to run the system and ensuring that you never lose valuable data, and you can access your data whenever, and wherever, you need.

About MEX

Maintenance Experts (MEX) are the authority in computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) with more than 10,000 users worldwide. MEX is an affordable CMMS that is flexible and easy-to-use. Combined with the use of any iOS device, MEX allows you to control your utility's maintenance operation by managing and recording information from anywhere.

MEX specialises in everything, from comprehensive asset management and daily maintenance management, to automatic stores ordering and statutory reports. Any company that needs to track assets, parts, labour or simply manage their workload, has a need to use MEX.

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