Versatile and Reliable Network Building Accessories for Optimising Energy Flow

Ensto develops and manufactures accessories for the construction of reliable electricity distribution networks, such as overhead lines and underground cables.

Our assortment also comprises of devices that improve the quality of electricity and enable fast recovery in the event of a fault. We produce innovative solutions focused on safety and sustainability in the distribution of electricity.

By selecting our products, you will not only receive fully-tested and high-quality items, but also easy installation, cost and time savings, extensive support, comprehensive and local Ensto Pro training. In addition, you will receive a flexible and friendly service from us.

Versatile product range for underground cables

The high-quality Ensto underground cables product range contains the following:

  • Connectors and cable lugs
  • Terminations, including screened separable connectors
  • Joints
  • Lamp post fixtures

These thoroughly-tested accessories are for low and medium-voltage cables (1kV-36kV) and comprise of heat and cold shrink technologies, as well as a combination of these in the durable hybrid products.

We have set our focus on functional product design to reduce the number of components, as well as increasing the ease and speed of the installation work. All our product packages are equipped with easy-to-understand instructions.

Overhead line accessories for low-loss electricity distribution

Our accessories for low and medium-voltage overhead lines include product ranges, such as:

  • Connectors
  • Pole fuse switches
  • Suspension fittings
  • Cross arms
  • Hooks
  • Pole support materials
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Disconnectors
  • Insulators

We have more than 50 years of experience in developing systems with long lifecycles in even the most challenging of conditions in more than 70 countries. Because of this, we have gathered a thorough insight into the best practices of building reliable power grids. For our customers, the reliability of our products means top-quality, uninterrupted service and lower maintenance costs.

Solutions for power quality and network automation

We offer power quality solutions for a more effective way to distribute power. The first items resulting from the extensive investment in product development are the voltage booster and the DC-link.

In addition, our network automation products by Novexia play a key role in fast fault recovery and improved reconfiguration of the grid. The range of solutions covers medium-voltage overhead line switches with remote controls; pole-mounted circuit breakers for the protection of low-voltage overhead lines, as well as distribution panels and fault detectors for underground cables.

We know that reliable electricity distribution is a must for the smart grid, which allows customers to take part in the electricity market through a two-way flow of energy and information.

Electric vehicle charging technology

The Ensto electric vehicle charging solutions have attracted attention not only for their easy installation and flawless performance, but also for their stylish design. Our solutions range from feeless regular charging, to fast charging for a fee.

We provide convenient equipment for demanding outdoor environments, these are:

  • Designed for different urban areas
  • Durable, easy-to-clean stainless steel construction
  • Vandal resistant
  • Equipped with several active and passive safety features
  • Equipped with tri-color LED lights to show the charging status

The flexibility of Ensto EV charging technology means that it will be easy to deploy various payment modes, monitoring applications, and GPS solutions where needed, making electric mobility a natural part of smart grids.

Worldwide production and in-house laboratories

We have production in seven countries: Estonia, Finland, France, India, Italy, Russia and Spain. In these locations, there are several manufacturing technologies in-house. To meet the expectations of our customers, we have a focus on ensuring efficient, well-organised and sustainable operations.

Developing our own products is at the core of what we do. In our fully-equipped and calibrated testing laboratories in five countries, we test our products beyond the standard requirements; all our products are type-tested.

The laboratories also feature excellent training facilities for the education of our customers, partners and staff. For certification testing, we use well-known external laboratories and also participate in the EN standardisation.

Environmentally friendly products with minimal carbon footprint

Ensto is an international clean-tech company of Finnish origin, specialising in electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power and applications. We are committed to lasting and sustainable development.

Our goal is to be the world's leading company in energy efficiency and distribution. Our products are environmentally friendly and leave a minimal carbon footprint.

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