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plastocor® Solutions – Celebrating 65 Years of Providing Expert Condenser Care

High-quality, end-to-end care for cooling water cycle equipment

Since its inception, plastocor-international has always striven to provide the ultimate technological advances to problems of corrosion and erosion damage in condensers, heat exchangers and other cooling water cycle equipment. And we have done so successfully for more than 65 years!

Today plastocor® offers an integral package containing state-of-the-art technological solutions that provide plant operators with improved efficiency, reliability and lifespan of units, leading to reduced operational costs. And that we believe is worth celebrating!

Condenser care – where there’s a problem, there’s a plastocor® Solution

At plastocor® there’s nothing we love more than a corrosion or erosion problem. That’s because we have more than 65 years of know-how and expertise in providing solutions to these issues.

plastocor® Technology Solutions offer bespoke protective coatings across all industries, solutions that are always the best for you, our client – a cornerstone of our legacy we are proud to celebrate!

plastocor® Technology Systems make for the ultimate protective coatings for the entire cooling water cycle.

Celebrating 65 years of plastocor® innovation

It is with great honour that we arrive at this milestone anniversary for our flagship coating, the original plastocor® Cladding System. Providing long-term protection to both old and new tube sheets since 1956, we further improved the system by developing the original plastocor® Inlet System in 1980, which is applicable to both tube inlets and outlets.

In 1995, we added the original plastocor® Tube Lining System to our integral package for complete condenser care, where we recuperate lost tubes and can prevent retubing. To enhance condenser efficiency and productivity, we developed the original plastocor® High-Performance Coatings which can be applied in water boxes and other cooling water cycle equipment, both old and new.

Now in our third generation of this family-run business, plastocor® celebrates our technological evolution alongside our clients, who over the years have shown their trust in plastocor®’s dedication to excellence, confident we always provide the best possible solution for them.

Today plastocor® still goes from strength to strength, a global leader in pioneer corrosion and erosion protection, repairing and optimising performance along the entire cooling water cycle. We look forward to celebrating and showcasing plastocor® Technology at some end of year shows, where we hope to see you there! More info coming soon, stay tuned!

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plastocor® 2021 – Original. Pioneer. Technology.

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