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plastocor® Recommendations for Care and Maintenance for Even Longer-Lasting Lifetime

Correct care and maintenance of plastocor® advanced coating systems

Achieving the maximum life extension of equipment protected by plastocor® advanced coating systems involves the correct maintenance and upkeep of the applied plastocor® technology. It is an essential part of the integral package offered by plastocor® where the post-application care of coated areas ensures that coatings are handled appropriately and with due diligence.

Preventative measures. Optimal care

Scratches due to the dropping of small handheld tools or unprotected scaffolding – some common hazards which can cause premature degradation of a coated area. For this reason, plastocor® recommends all operating personnel should be made aware of preventative measures to protect coated areas, avoiding possible damage.

plastocor® state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art care

To ensure that plastocor® expert coatings deliver to the highest standards, it is necessary to emphasise the importance of raising awareness amongst maintenance companies and plant operators on how to handle these coatings once applied. It is important that all operational personnel receive appropriate information on handling coatings so as to provide longer-lasting protection and repair against corrosion and erosion damage.

The adoption of a proactive care system which incorporates plastocor® Recommendations for Care and Maintenance is that essential first step to providing ultimate longevity.

Recommendations for Care and Maintenance

Investing in training and knowledge enhancement programmes pays off in the long run as equipment remains operational for longer, postponing costly damages and consequential replacements, but also guaranteeing efficiency and reliability which directly impact on output and profitability.

To find out more about the plastocor® maintenance programme and guidelines for correct maintenance of plastocor® coatings, click ‘Make an Enquiry’ at the top of this page.

plastocor® – adopting preventative measures, guaranteeing optimal care!

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