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MEX Maintenance Software

Maintenance Software for Power Plants

MEX offers leading CMMS software packages and has been providing solutions to power companies for over 25 years.

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MEX offers leading CMMS software packages and has been providing solutions to power companies for over 25 years.

MEX tracks performance metrics and reports to improve the utility business’ processes. Our CMMS solution streamlines maintenance operations and enables power companies to run work orders across their assets, machinery and buildings. We will ensure productivity is accelerated and inspections are tracked to guarantee compliance with industry standards and regulations.

The power plant maintenance management is a difficult task as most of the industry equipment works around-the-clock. Any downtime would result in unnecessary expenses. MEX offers a tool that will extend the equipment life cycle without compromising safety or reliability.

Preventative maintenance scheduling and power asset performance measurement

MEX provides utility management across multiple sites by reducing maintenance costs and increasing uptime. Versatile asset register, work order tracking and reliability-focused preventative maintenance allow us to achieve optimal results.

Power plant managers have to be prepared to follow modern standards and current regulations in their operations. MEX offers a streamlined solution to overcome the challenge and enables power plant operators to manage and update maintenance plan documents. This improves visibility and makes it easier for technicians to report and organise their time as everything remains in one place.

Mobile app for power maintenance tasks

Customers can start assigning maintenance tasks using the new MEX Mobile App. Available on Android, Windows, and iOS, MEX Mobile enables users to control, manage, and record information from anywhere. Customers can be truly on-the-go with the maintenance and keep their power plant operations at their fingertips from start to finish.

Maintenance management will always be within reach where everything customers need to get the job done is on their mobile device. Boasting a robust offline module, users can work with or without a network connection and easily sync once connected back online.

Customers can also use their camera or connect a Bluetooth device to scan and find important maintenance information. As maintenance shifts to a digital world, MEX is primed as an industry leader in pushing for a maintenance environment that is entirely paperless.

Power plant failure prevention

MEX Maintenance Software offers power companies a number of benefits for improving their operations. These include:

  • Reducing downtime and increasing plant availability, operating capacity and efficiency rating
  • Extending power generation assets and equipment lifetime
  • Improving safety and reliability to meet regulatory and compliance standards
  • Ensuring a safe and clean power generation
  • Inspection tracking and scheduling

Most power plants use SCADA system for plant and machinery monitoring. MEX offers SCADA system integration to detect alarms, faults and abnormal conditions. Work orders can then be created automatically and sent to the appropriate technician for corrective work.

CMMS training and consulting for power industry

MEX is a simple solution to implement and offers a low training overhead. A two-day Introduction to MEX and a one-day Advanced Course provides sufficient training for using MEX. Power companies can install MEX, train staff and set up their systems in a very short time frame. This offers a quick return on investment (ROI), while other providers are still working out their implementation strategy.

Online hosting for power generation facilities

MEX offers a data hosting service, which means we will host a company’s database and send them a link to access it. Our data hosting service provides a number of benefits, including guaranteed reliability with uptime of more than 99% and daily backups that remove the cost of hardware or software to run the system and ensuring that the user does not lose valuable data. MEX data hosting allows the client to access their data whenever and wherever required.

MEX Ops Requests

MEX Ops gives you the tools to capture all Maintenance Requests from all employees.


The new MEX app will allow you to work with MEX anywhere and anytime.

Cutting Costs Proactively

From mining to manufacturing and everything in between, operators are looking for more effective and productive ways to utilise their equipment and keep it running in peak condition.

Six Secrets to a Successful CMMS

This E-Book has been compiled for people who are looking for a computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), and also those that may already have one but want it to perform better than what it does right now.

Workplace Health and Safety

October marks National Safe Work Week in Australia. The event was established in 2008 as an educational platform to provide policy and guidance in work health and safety.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Organisational loss is something we all strive to keep to a minimum, combing through expense reports and budgets, but an area that can often be overlooked is the losses we incur on ourselves through poorly maintained equipment.

MEX Case Study: Hall Contracting

Hall Contracting is Australia's largest privately-owned dredging, civil and marine construction company with offices in Australia, South East Asia, and throughout the Pacific.

Introducing MEX V15

Maintenance Experts is proud to announce the worldwide release of the all new Version 15. A comprehensive maintenance management programme that is now fully browser based.

MEX Case Study: Emerge Engineering and Maintenance

Emerge Engineering and Maintenance provides equipment support and maintenance services for airport ground handlers and airlines throughout Australia. Collectively Emerge ownership has over 40 years' experience that enables them to strive for excellence and provide high quality services at competitive prices.

MEX Case Study: Hall Contracting

Hall Contracting is Australia's largest privately-owned dredging, civil and marine construction company with offices in Australia, South East Asia, and throughout the Pacific

A New Version of MEX is On Its Way

Maintenance Experts has kept quiet a project that has been running for the last year at their office in Brisbane, Australia.

MEX Maintenance Software

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Maintenance Experts

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