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Soundproofing and Insulation

Beindersheimer Str. 79,
D-67227 Frankenthal,

Starting with rubber products in 1874 WENDT has developed into one of the leading suppliers of noise hoods, sound and thermal insulation and high temperature insulation products.

WENDT delivers its noise protection hoods to a number of industries including the energy sector, oil and gas, and the mining and chemical industries.

Noise protection and ventilation for turbines

WENDT is one of the leading manufacturers of sound enclosures for turbines in the world. This is an effect of our high standard of quality and our very close cooperation with our customers. Consultation with and feedback from our customers are very important to meet or exceed client requirements. The main advantages of our noise hoods include:

  • Patented modular design of panels and accessories allows for quick assembly and disassembly without the use of bolts
  • A quick maintenance disassembly of single elements is also possible
  • Sound enclosures are provided in any required dimension, suitable for in and outdoor locations
  • Panel surface is galvanized, Aluzink® or coated
  • Our gas tight sound enclosures are suitable for the installation of fire fighting equipment
  • Delivery of our products in time and safely around the world
  • Easy assembly of the sound enclosures due to our detailed erection manual
  • If requested, we execute the professional assembly of the sound enclosures

Sound and heat insulation for pipes, devices and turbines

WENDT delivers high quality insulation for pipes, devices and turbines to provide customers with the optimal benefit. Because of our project consulting, standardised calculations and detailed analysis we are able to manage custom-made solutions for every problem. Our services include:

  • Efficiency calculations
  • Heat and cold insulation
  • Combined heat and sound insulation
  • Splash insulation
  • Mattress insulation
  • Fire fighting
  • Heat engineering calculations
  • Electrical heating
  • Projecting and engineering

With innovative techniques and long-time experience we can produce high temperature insulation such as integral insulations, solid insulations, heat protection shields, engine insulations, insulation formed parts and many more parts for exhaust gas applications and turbochargers.

Soundproofing and insulation engineering services

WENDT offers engineering services such as acoustic design, static and seismic calculations, design of ventilation systems, circuit designs, PLC programming and technical documentations as well as CAD 3D and PDMS.

Components of noise hoods

In additional to our main products, we deliver many accessories including structural steelwork, platforms, ladders and stairs, ventilation systems, flaps and fans, and silencers. Electrical installations, cabinets, PLCs, instrumentation, and static filter systems for combustion air can also be provided.

Client list

WENDT is a respected supplier of noise protection equipment with renowned customers such as Alstom, Siemens, BASF, Vattenfall, KBA, Bertsch Boilers, Wingas, Linde, MAN, RWE, Kawasaki, MTU, Daimler and many others.

WENDT has installed successfully more than 500 sound enclosures. Examples of noise hoods for gas and steam turbines include: Alstom GT 11, GT 13, GT 24, GT 26; Siemens SST 600, SST 800, SGT 4000F, SST 3000, SST 5000; and Kawasaki GPB 7, GPB 15, GPB 80D.

WENDT also supplies chemical companies like BASF with thermal insulation and sound protection for compressors or other processes. To the mining industries, WENDT delivers noise protection systems for huge excavators and conveyors for customers such as Vattenfall and RWE.

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