AE&E Lentjes Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Energy-from-Waste Applications and Flue Gas Cleaning

AE&E Lentjes started business in 1928 and acquisitions and mergers have meant that it can draw on numerous references in the circulating fluidised bed combustion business, for energy-from-waste applications and the flue gas cleaning business based on Bischoff technology.

AE&E Lentjes customers benefit from the fact that Lentjes is acting as an engineering company based on its own processes, related skills and experience.

Circulating fluidised bed combustion for emission control

Circulating fluidised bed combustion (CFB) technology has been transferred from its inventor to AE&E Lentjes, making it the owner of all such rights including more than 100 references with this technology.

Besides other advantages, the CFB process offers inbuilt emission control as SO2 released during combustion can be captured by adding limestone to the CFB. The comparatively low combustion temperature of 850°C and the staged air supply also prevent the formation of thermal NOx. These features remain valid in conjunction with the broad fuel flexibility.

Combined cycle power plants for efficient operations

AE&E Lentjes has excellent references in different applications of combined cycle power plants, covering sizes from 40MWe to 400MWe.

They are an excellent reference for the specific skills of AE&E Lentjes, such as optimising these plants for overall efficient operation considering winter and summer cases (with high district heating in winter time) or by arranging gas turbines in a topping configuration where the exhaust heat is integrated into the feed water system of an existing coal fired power plant.

Energy-from-waste plants

Energy-from-waste (EfW) plants need a tailor-made design to cope with the requirement for highly efficient incineration and energy recovery of the waste composition.

Its clients can choose from one of AE&E Lentjes’ services, including grate and boiler solutions, chute to stack or up to full turnkey supply, which have been realised in more than 40 plants with almost 80 lines.

Flue gas desulphurisation technologies (FGD)

AE&E Lentjes continues the former Bischoff activities for the main desulphurisation processes, including the wet lime or limestone process as well as the one based on seawater as an absorbent.

All its absorbers incorporate long-standing and comprehensive experience with more than 200 absorber installations. Mathematical reaction models and CFD simulations play a decisive role during the design and are continuously verified.

In addition, a dry CFB flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) process meets the demands of minimum investment costs, high flexibility towards varying sulphur fuel contents and minimum water consumption at tremendous rates of sulphur dioxide capture (over 99%).

In cases of high sulphur dioxide concentrations in the flue gas, a solution based on ammonia scrubbing, which results in fertiliser as the product, is available.

Selective catalytic reaction DENOx technology

The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process is a reaction of ammonia with nitrogen oxides on a catalyst. The nitrogen oxides which are present in the flue gas are converted into nitrogen and water vapour.

Applications in high dust (upstream of a filter) and low dust (downstream of a filter) have been realised, totalling approximately 38,000MWe equivalent installed capacity.

Electrostatic precipitators and low-pressure pulse jet fabric filters

AE&E Lentjes can rely on the experience accumulated in one of the largest precipitator databases throughout the world, due to the fact that over 13,000 electrostatic precipitators (ESP) have been built today.

In addition to ESPs, it can also offer low-pressure pulse jet fabric filters operating at a very low air reservoir pressure, thus saving energy.

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