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Quartzelec Ltd

Rotating Machine Services (up to 600MW) | HV / LV Contracting Services

Quartzelec is a leading independent electrical engineering service provider offering solutions and services for rotating machines (motors and generators up to 600MW) and associated static plants utilised in the global power-generation markets

HQ Office: Rugby, UK,

Quartzelec is a leading OEM-neutral independent global engineering group and a multi-disciplined service provider, delivering a comprehensive range of rotating machine electro / mechanical services and HV / LV contracting services.

Having an intimate working knowledge of the entire power chain in all sectors enables the company to engineer and deliver effective solutions, ensuring consistent machine availability and maintaining customers’ operating capacity and reputation.

Rotating machine services

Quartzelec is a world-leading technical authority in the design and manufacture of AC / DC motors and generators with a comprehensive range of repair, maintenance, and service solutions, onsite or workshop. The company supports HV / LV machines to 600MW, AC motors and generators, DC machines, turbo-alternators, hydro-generators, submersible motors, and ancillaries.

Electrical contracting services

Quartzelec has the resources, scale, and accreditations to deliver projects efficiently, from grid connections, supply upgrades to HV / LV distribution with expertise in utility works, HV / LV construction, HV / LV maintenance, periodic test and inspection, and M&E services.

Innovative products for rotating machines

Our products are designed to protect and safeguard our clients’ assets throughout their lifespan. With solutions for new machines and retrofit, Quartzelec ensures safe and efficient operation in the harshest of environments through condition monitoring, fault-rated terminal boxes, protection and testing devices, replacement motors, OEM spares, AVR / excitation control systems, and machine coils and bars.

Machine service and overhaul

Quartzelec’s services for rotating electrical machines support steam / gas turbine generators, hydro generators, large AC motors, including FD, ID fan motors, BF and CW pump motors, and ancillaries, including excitation, protection, and control. The company supports any OEM machine / equipment, including legacy brands such as Unipak, I-Range, AK, Impak, and Flowpak, built by our heritage companies GEC, GEC Alsthom, ALSTOM, and Cegelec.

Major overhauls, windings, insulation, shafts, bearings, oil and hydrogen seals, couplings, retaining rings, and rotor and stator components can be replaced onsite or within a Quartzelec facility.

Rotating machine maintenance

Rotating machines will suffer electrical / mechanical stress, wear, overheat, corrode, and even catastrophically fail. Structured maintenance and repair are vital to avoid costly downtime and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Long-term service agreements (LTSAs) and life enhancement programmes (LEPs) ensure optimal reliability and efficiency, extending the life cycle of the asset wherever possible.

Our lifetime care and maintenance packages, from basic inspections to total risk management, include 24/7 support and breakdown response.

Design and engineering

OEM heritage is the core of our design engineering capabilities. Quartzelec is an engineering-focused business with a strong focus on reverse engineering to ensure interchangeable electrical / mechanical solutions.

In-house design / redesign of AC / DC machines, cores, windings, retaining rings, supports, blocking, and insulation ensures that manufacturing meets existing specifications.

We provide control and protection system designs, feasibility studies, and condition monitoring for IEP’s, excitation, and AVR system design, as well as solutions to existing design issues.

Testing and diagnostics

Extensive test facilities enable machines up to 100t to be tested in-house, with control room facilities enabling witness testing.

Onsite, Quartzelec engineers have comprehensive diagnostic tools for AC / DC machines for test and inspection from high voltage to insulation resistance. As troubleshooting experts, Quartzelec offers recalibration, in-situ balancing and laser realignment, and condition monitoring online / offline.

New equipment and spares

Spares for any OEM rotating machine can be supplied.

Our engineering excellence enables the design, manufacture, and reverse engineering of spares to OEM specifications. Equally, new equipment can be supplied, following a design review.

Only Quartzelec can design, manufacture, and supply capital spares and components for our legacy machines, including GEC, GEC Alsthom Large Machines, BTH, and AEI.

Rotating machine repair and refurbishment

Quartzelec provides repair, rewind, refurbishment, and retrofitting of all rotating machines up to 22kV, including static / rotating mechanical plant, workshop, and site-based.

The company also offers winding and re-insulation, cryogenic decontamination, and in-situ installation / replacement of components / ancillaries. On-site machining, including commutator skims for large DC drives, are among our capabilities. Turbo-alternator rotor repair is something Quartzelec excels at.

Installation and commissioning of rotating electrical machines

Installing and commissioning rotating machines and components of any OEM is a core service whether it is a repaired, refurbished, or new machine. Quartzelec can include protection systems, condition monitoring, ancillary control, instrumentation equipment, and excitation systems.

Site service for rotating machines

Our site services are diverse with a wide portfolio of support. Electrical maintenance, online or offline, non-destructive testing (electrical / mechanical), site safety, fire-detection system maintenance, condition-based maintenance, and value system maintenance through to operator and maintenance training are some of the services from Quartzelec provided at multiple sites around the world.

HV / LV contracting services

Quartzelec offers complete design, installation, commission, inspect, test, and maintenance from 415V to 33kV.

The company also supports construction projects, including new installations or refurbishments up to 33kV, providing switchgear, cabling, jointing, transformers, earthing, protection systems, and grading studies.

Our 24/7 emergency or routine maintenance support covers distribution systems to full building installations, switchgear maintenance to periodic inspection, and PAT testing. Flexible and tailored HV / LV maintenance packages are available for single / multiple sites, supporting manufacturers’ equipment.

The company serves M&E projects through the full design, installation, and commissioning, including LPHW, HVAC, BMS, plumbing, electrical, protective systems (fire & security), and data systems.

As a NERS-accredited ICP, Quartzelec designs networks, liaises with the DNO, provides new grid connections, and supplies upgrades up to and including 33kV.

Laser cutting and fabrication

TS Metals, a Quartzelec group company, is the company’s welding and fabrication business. Specialist metal fabricators and engineers deliver design, fabrication, manufacturing, and laser-cutting solutions for bespoke, complex, or turnkey projects from one-offs to batch production, supporting all industry sectors.

About Quartzelec

Our group philosophy enables us to deliver an integrated, engineering-led approach with best practice and shared vision as core values. Our engineering capability and design expertise deliver high-performance reverse-engineering solutions.

With more than 100 years of manufacturing experience, Quartzelec is derived from such electrical engineering giants as GEC, GEC Alsthom, BTH, AEI, and ALSTOM.

Motors and generators manufactured by the heritage companies are still supported by Quartzelec today. In fact, the company still holds the design and engineering records for many of these machines.

Inspection and Repair Services

Through our unique and distinct heritage, tracing back to 1896, we offer solutions and services for all electrical rotating machines from fractional horsepower up to 600MW.

HV / LV Contracting Services

Delivering across the entire electrical sector from concept to completion, our experience, expertise, and certifications ensure we deliver a complete design-install-inspect-maintain portfolio from 415V to 33kV.

Condition Monitoring

LIFEVIEW® is our modular suite of condition monitoring solutions designed to evaluate the health of rotating electrical machines and marketed under our Quartzteq brand to deliver permanent online monitoring or portable offline analysis with a supporting range of sensors and modules.

Replacement Motors and Generators

As machines head towards the end of operational life, a replacement is the only remaining option and a suitable equivalent needs to be sourced.

HV Fault Rated Terminal Boxes

We offer a range of certified and uncertified main and neutral terminal boxes, suitable for 3.3kV applications and above.

AVR, Excitation and Control

To ensure the operation of HV motors and generators is not put at risk by the potential failure of obsolete control equipment, Quartzelec is able to offer guidance to provide design, manufacture, service, and spares support, manage obsolescence issues and identify the most suitable upgrade path.

Synchronous Motor Starting

Fixed-speed synchronous motors that are required to start asynchronously require additional switching devices on the rotor to allow the induced field currents to flow safely without damaging any of the components.

Engineering Expertise

Our unique expertise enables you to access engineering support that can focus on the design evaluation, upgrade, and refurbishment of power electrical systems and equipment within your power supply train.

Test Facility

Quartzelec can provide bespoke testing of AC / DC rotating machines to both national and international recognised standards.

How to Recover Corroded Retaining Rings

Industry has moved to adopting 18/18 as its latest ‘standard’ steel for retaining rings. These high quality steels are fully stainless to prevent SCC, but are not fully corrosion resistant and Quartzelec have found incidents where corrosion has proven to cause critical damage.

Innovative Products for Rotating Machines

Quartzteq develops and manufactures a range of innovative products designed to keep your valuable rotating electrical assets performing at their best, preventing costly breakdowns and optimising their lifespan.

Engineering Services

As an independent, multi-disciplined service provider, delivering solutions and services in both UK and global markets, Quartzelec supports the industrial and infrastructure sectors with a unique range of HV / LV contracting and rotating machine services, as well as developing and providing support products offered through the Quartzelec group of companies.

Quartzelec Offers Online Partial Discharge Monitoring

Quartzelec, a leading independent engineering service provider with an ever‑extending global reach, offers permanent online partial discharge monitoring for high voltage generators and motors, adding to their existing offline monitoring service.

TS Metals Wins Contract to Deliver Laser-Cut Laminations in the US

When a US-based engineering solutions provider needed urgent support to help in the rotor refurbishment of a pair of large hydro-generators at a pumped-storage underground power station, it turned to TS Metals, part of the Quartzelec group of companies, to engineer, laser profile and deliver the high specification components it needed. 

Quartzelec Joins Achilles FPAL Verify Network

Quartzelec has joined the Achilles FPAL Verify network to further demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality services available to the oil and gas industry.

Quartzelec – Live From POWER-GEN Europe 2017

Quartzelec, one of the UK's leading suppliers of electrical engineering services, is currently exhibiting its most innovative solutions and services for rotating machines for the power generation industry at POWER-GEN Europe 2017.

Quartzelec Increases Investment in Quartzcoil

Leading UK based independent electrical engineering group Quartzelec, has invested more than a million Euros in its Rugby based Quartzcoil manufacturing business, allowing it to further meet growing global demand for coils and bars that support the manufacture and refurbishment of AC/DC motors and generators.

Quartzelec’s Intervention Enables Tata Steel to Minimise Costs

A critical failure was prevented at the Tata Steel (Margam) operation in Port Talbot, South Wales due to ongoing electrical inspections and prompt intervention by Quartzelec, and the in-house team. The failure could have resulted in a loss of steel production, as well as a long rebuild programme and a large repair bill.

Quartzelec’s Test Facility Complete

As a technical authority in the field of rotating electrical machines, Quartzelec has now created a dedicated test area that has the ability to test all types of rotating electrical machines (AC/DC motors and generators), gearboxes and transformers to national and international standards, ensuring a wide range of dynamic and static tests can be delivered, either as a stand-alone service or encompassed within a repair or overhaul.

Quartzelec Competitively Wins Contract for UAE-Based Gas Producer

One of the most innovative and respected gas and hydrocarbon companies in the United Arab Emirates has just competitively tendered and awarded Quartzelec, a leading international electrical engineering group, with a significant service and support presence in the region, with a long term Partial Discharge monitoring contract to cover the next three years, with an option to extend.

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